Immediate Edge as a Platform for the Abundance of Your Digital Assets

Immediate Edge as a Platform for the Abundance of Your Digital Assets

Come one, come all. Equip yourself with an Immediate Edge in your every cryptocurrency trade. Carve an Abundance on your Digital Assets through Immediate Edge system.

Learn about Immediate Edge history; what Immediate Edge does; how can one avail Immediate Edge services; what Immediate Edge offers to its users; the Advantages of Immediate Edge; how does it compare to other products; how to earn using Immediate Edge; Immediate Edge reviews and other features to show each users to trust Immediate Edge over other Cryptocurrency assistant.

Reviews was also compiled to showcase how Immediate Edge helped other users in their e-money business.

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What makes Immediate Edge system unique?

Immediate edge is your cryptocurrency robot/ assistant for your digital assets such as forex, crypto and other binary options.

With the use of special algorithms, Immediate Edge assists its users by automatically placing with just minimal human inputs. Immediate Edge conducts an accurate market analysis for the best deal for its user.

Through Immediate Edge, your e-money trade will save investors time and will save each users the hassle of thoroughly scrutinizing the placement of its users hard-earned e-money.

A Brief History of Immediate Edge

It is Edwin James who coded the Immediate Edge Programming during the time that he earned a lot in forex , crypto, and other binary option that he decided to develop a program that incorporated his secret strategies in forex, crypto and other binary options  to assist experienced and beginners alike in their e-money trade. Edwin James designed the program to be able to make smart decision in at most three (3) minutes time thereby removing the inconvenience from the laborious monitoring of trade rates.

Sign up for an “Immediate Edge” Advantage to your Digital Assets

As introduced above, Immediate Edge uses a set of sophisticated codes and algorithms and conducts a thorough scanning of all the tradable markets available. Immediate Edge system is an automated platform that even without any prior knowledge in forex, crypto and other binary option will be able to trade with just minimal supervision.

By signing up in Immediate Edge, a user will be able to invest their e-money and Immediate Edge will immediately operate on your behalf. Immediate Edge is one of the best, if not the best automated digital asset management software that will make even a beginner earn like an expert through our set of sophisticated algorithms using Immediate Edge.

With a very thin margin of error, Immediate Edge will never betray your trust. Immediate Edge will enable your starting investment to grow and as you increase your investment you will also gain more returns as time passes.

Because Immediate Edge cares for its customers, below are the procedures to sign up.

1. Register an Account

Interested customers must first register an account by going to the official website of Immediate Edge. Just click the sign up and you will immediately be transferred to the sign up page and will be required to fill up your personal details. Take note that Immediate Edge values the privacy of each users and will not disclose the personal details of its users in compliance with international laws on data privacy. A personalized password will be requested to the user afterwards, your user account is officially active though a user should deposit a balance to his account to start transacting and trading using Immediate Edge.

2. Deposit the Minimum Required Balance

After creating your personal account, a user will be immediately redirected to our automated and secure system to deposit. Immediate Edge system suggest the minimum balance of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) in starting a user’s investment.

Payments can be made through visa (either a credit or debit card), klarna, skrill or via bank transfers. Immediate Edge accepts payment from countries of different currencies including Swiss franc, British Pound, US Dollar and Euro. Please take note that the maximum daily deposit for credit or debit card is forty dollars ($40.00) per day that refreshes every +00:00 GMT. After depositing the minimum required balance you are now ready to trade your digital assets.

3. Immediate Edge Demo Trading Feature

One of the features of Immediate Edge is its Demo Trading. The availability of Demo Trading completely depends on the broker that a user is connected to. As the name suggest, Demo Trading will serve as a training ground for the user to get familiar with a lot of features although actual trades will not be conducted but prepares every user to live trading.

4. Live Trading on Immediate Edge

Yes, Immediate Edge will automate your digital asset management and will do a lot of tasks in place of the user though through a minimal supervision, users can maximize their profit and return of investment by setting the amount minimum and maximum amount for each trade; selecting the cryptocurrency to trade with (including Ethereum and Bitcoin); New users may opt to do the previously mentioned techniques (we recommend it) but once you are one of the advanced and experienced users, a very minimal supervision is usually done for Immediate Edge offers an “Auto-Trading” feature. Please take note that due to the variability of the prices in the trade market, it will be best to monitor the profits and losses to maximize the benefit of Immediate Edge.

What can Immediate Edge Offer to its users?

1. Immediate Edge Payouts

Immediate Edge can help traders to gain payouts as much as nine hundred fifty dollars ($950.00) to as high as two thousand two hundred dollars ($2,200.00). Though beginners may earn a little lower that the latter amount at the time of their starting, through experience and Immediate Edge, payouts will most likely pay up. It is evident through reports that new users were able to earn their payouts amounting to one hundred and twenty two dollars ($122.00) using the minimum maintaining amount ($250.00) in just a few hours of using Immediate Edge.

2. High Probability of Success

Feedbacks of Immediate Edge proves its credibility and loyalty to its users to provide maximum productivity for their digital assets.

 3. Manageable and user-friendly

Even though Immediate Edge uses a highly advanced and complicated algorithms for its source code, Immediate Edge is designed to provide simple and intuitive user interface to interact with its user and easy to use platform for all ages.

 4. Immediate Edge Security

Because Immediate Edge recognizes the importance of privacy, Immediate Edge employs the highest security by requesting pertinent information to its users that will be used for the user account’s verification.

 5. Immediate Edge Fast Transactions

Transactions using Immediate Edge is very fast and simple. Through its numerous partners, Immediate Edge transactions including asset withdrawal and deposit will just take less than a day (24 hours) to complete.

 6. Honesty of Immediate Edge

With Immediate Edge, users can rest assured that they will not be billed by any other billing because Immediate Edge assures its users that there will be no hidden charges for its service.

 7. Immediate Edge Client Support

Immediate Edge is highly concerned to its users and is available anytime twenty four (24) hours a day through email or our Immediate Edge Live Chat.

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Immediate Edge Compared to Other Cryptocurrency Robots

Immediate Edge AdvantageYour Usual Cryptocurrency Assistant
A total success rate of eighty five percent (85%)Variable success rate (mostly low)
Offers a demo trading feature to provide users training and acquire experience in digital tradeMostly no demo trading feature
Faster return of investment with a maximum of twenty four (24) hours transfer timeSpams its user to hinder their withdrawal and has a very long transaction time
Few registration requirement and fast account approvalRequires a very many registration information and approves account after a very long evaluation
Very low minimum investment required ($250.00)Very high investment requirement ($300.00)

Recommendations in Using Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge compiled some basic techniques develop and efficiently use its software to have a high return on investment.

 1. Test the waters

Immediate Edge system recommends to initially trade using small amounts like practices in the actual businesses. As a user acquires more experience, digital assets will be allocated more efficiently and Immediate Edge platform will be modified accordingly to provide a maximum amount of profit.

 2. Celebrate every success

Make sure to withdraw even small earnings and think carefully on re-investing all your digital assets. Celebrate every success invest and spend your digital asset for your self-fulfillment through Immediate Edge.

 3. Research and develop your business instincts

Nowadays, everything can be accessed by the tip of our fingertips. Search for local  and international references about cryptocurrency trade, watch videos to properly manage digital assets and connect with other traders to continue developing skills in cryptocurrency trade and in the use of Immediate Edge platform.

 4. Prioritize capital without sacrificing your needs

A healthy body will provide you a healthy mind to make better decisions. Sacrificing one’s health will eventually take its toll and can have a more permanent impact. Love yourself and use your capital properly.

Latest Immediate Edge reviews (2019)

Joanne Bowyer “I have never traded before, but the Immediate Edge Bot makes it so easy. I never thought I would say this since my crypto world can be so complicated… but you make it so easy to earn unimaginable amounts”.

Rudy Perkins “This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Your educational support and high profiting system has got me hooked for life! Thank you so much.”

Clark Ross “On my first day, I’ve made nine hundred dollars ($900.00) so I can truly say… Finally, I found something that delivers great results”.

Jason “The autobots is working good. Made about $170 yesterday from a $1000 deposit. In a day that’s not bad 17%”.

Jacky “Thank you for the good autobot making about $80 a day from a $250 investment

Jonathan Mulberry “I just want to say a great big Thank you because Immediate Edge bot has really turned my life around. In a matter of weeks, I’ve been able to quit my job”.

Delilah Adams “Man, this thing is proven to work! It’s astonishing indeed. I have just used it for a Few months and I have made more money from it than that I really do breaking my ass off in the office!

Simon Horsham “I received my notice two (2) weeks ago. With no alternatives, I thought my life would be over. No I’m making about thorten thousand two hundred sixty one and forty two cents dollars ($13,261.42) every week! And for the first time in two (2) months I’m not in the dark. Thanks Edwin!

MoneyMaker “Great and simple autobot. Making about $160 daily on $500! THANKS.

Final thoughts on Immediate Edge

     Though failure has always been a part of any businesses, Immediate Edge assures its users a considerable return of investment with proper digital asset management and through our sophisticated yet easy to use Immediate Edge platform. With Immediate Edge’s eighty eight percent (88%) success rate, low minimum deposit requirement and accessibility through many partners worldwide, traders will never again doubt the profitability of investing in digital assets through Immediate Edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I hear many stories about Immediate Edge being a scam. Is this true?

Immediate Edge has been of use to many individual traders and have been beneficially to new and aspiring digital asset traders by providing automatic transaction between brokers and user’s assets.

2. Can I deposit any amount on Immediate Edge?

A user can deposit any amount on Immediate Edge but a minimum amount of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) is required to start transacting in a live trade and earn digital assets for themselves.

3. Is Immediate Edge endorsed by any local and international celebrities?

There are no commissioned Immediate Edge endorsements but one can find, through word of mouth comments and testimonials regarding the benefits and integrity of Immediate Edge.

4. Does Immediate Edge appear in any local and/ or international television shows?

One can see online advertisements of Immediate Edge but Immediate Edge does not commission any local and/ or international television shows though a few beneficiaries were interviewed and were able to testify their profits through local and some international media.

5. Is there a mobile application for Immediate Edge for Apple Iphone and Android devices?

A legitimate mobile application can be downloaded to the Apple Store and Google Playstore by searching the name of the product, Immediate Edge or Cryptocurrency AI.

6. Can I use the Immediate Edge Application for my digital assets transaction?

Immediate Edge Application whether for Apple’s Iphone or Google’s Android can be used to register, log in and transact users digital assets. The Application can also be sued to adjust the Immediate Edge settings to suit the prevailing market trade.

7. Which is better, using the Immediate Edge Application or by blogging in thru web?

Immediate Edge Application whether for Apple’s Iphone or Google’s Android will provide a handy and convenient experience although logging in using the Immediate Edge web may provide a more complete details of the trade and has a wider view comparison.

8. Is it possible to earn by using Immediate Edge?

Latest testimonials and comments proved the profits that can be developed through Immediate Edge. Recent reports have shown that users were able to earn nine hundred fifty thousand dollars ($950.00) to two thousand two hundred dollars ($2,200.00) per day. Please take note that the user’s profits vary and depends on each users initial capital.

9. Is it possible to withdraw all of my money from Immediate Edge?

Unlike many scams online, Immediate Edge respects the rights of its users and can opt to withdraw their investment on Immediate Edge though very few does this because most of its users earn more and invests more as time passes.

10. Is Immediate Edge secure and not a scam?

Immediate Edge system was developed using a sophisticated and complex algorithms to provide safe and secure transaction for its users and evidently gives back benefits thru incomes to its users.

11.  Are my money still unprofitable when the market prices are very low?

Using our developed sophisticated systems, Immediate Edge decides the best choices for your digital assets the will avoid your stated capital losses. Though income generation can be a little slower when the market price is very low but then it is still profitable.

12. Can I instantly get my withdrawals?

A user must wait for a maximum time of twenty four (24) hours for us to process their withdrawals ensuring the user’s safety and security.

13. Are bitcoins only the medium to transact using Immediate Edge?

No, most of the mainstream cryptocurrencies can be used with Immediate Edge

14. Does a person need to be experienced in handling financial matters to successfully use Immediate Edge?

Though previous knowledge business and financial management is an advantage, Immediate Edge system has a very user friendly interface designed for beginners and advanced users alike. New users may also do demo trading for as much as they like to familiarize with the methods, techniques and processes and earn a return on investment on their digital assets.

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